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::.. Institutional Services

Institutional Services, will be provide for the following categories of clients with the understanding of the imperative of the need for corporate guards that will be compatible with the corporate environment;

Services in these categories will be provided for the not so corporate institutional clients with a customized service modem to address the specific security requirements highlighted during our security assessment of the client’s location. The companies in this class are below listed;

  • Construction sites; Small, Medium and Large Scale Factories, Manufacturing outfits; Hospitals; et cetra

::.. Guards Services
We have assembled a formidable, agile, mobile and swift support team close to our clients’ locations because of our belief in the good old saying that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.
They have been trained to handle any form of threats and intelligently and diligently nipping it at the bud or escalating it by contacting the appropriate authority, as the situation may demand.>> Learn more
::.. Institutional Services
- Industrial Operations (Construction, Factories, Manufacturing, Commercial Buildings, Medical facilities, et cetra)
-Corporate Operations (Oil Servicing/Production, Banks, Insurance, Telecommunication Companies, etc) Domestic/Public Centers
Domestic Operations (Residential homes, Estates, Block of Flats, Primary/Secondary Schools, Shopping Malls, Offices in general et cetra)
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::.. Media Centre
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