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Today, we are all aware of the of the consistent and incontrollable rise in the rate of crime in the country; even without stating any crime statistics, we are all know that the rate and tactics of crimes and criminal activities in our immediate neighborhoods today are frightening and even more disturbing if one considers that not all crimes are reported. Criminals are by the day getting bolder, determined and better prepared than the law enforcement mechanism provided by our government and as such one must be proactive to put preventative measures in place in order NOT to fall victim of any repulsive incidences that are the daily occurrences of our society today. The reality on ground has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that living in our present environment requires that at least all necessary measures are put in place to guarantee the safety of our lives and our loved ones, while also ensuring that our hard earned properties and belongings are kept SECURED from the men of the underworld.

To this end, we are proposing to you, your company or organization a MULTI-LAYERED approach to security as the best and most effective option, creating lines of defenses which make it extremely difficult (if not impossible) for any undesirable elements or would-be intruder to gain access into the SECURED property or environment.

Livewire Safety Ltd, a Private Security Company, registered in Nigeria with the primary objective of re-inventing the standard and quality of security services in the country; with our special focus on MULTI-LAYERED approach to security is strategically positioned to professionally deliver the needed security, covering Lives, assets and environment. Livewire’s approach incorporates the use advanced security techniques and equipment in the private security services industry. We give premium considerations to the dynamic nature of crimes and growing sophistication of criminal activities in Nigeria and around the world in designing our strategies and choosing our equipments and personnel, to ensure that the safety of lives, assets and environment of our esteemed clients are given excellent attention at all times.

Our Core Values

• Commitment
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Service
• Innovation


1) To provide private security guards with an exceptional degree of service excellence
2) To provide well trained, fully orientated, highly mobile and absolutely loyal Guards with equipment to our clients at reasonable cost
3) To Secure our given locations, assets or individuals with seamless blend of Information and Communication Technology Resources unequalled in the private security industry

::.. Guards Services
We have assembled a formidable, agile, mobile and swift support team close to our clients’ locations because of our belief in the good old saying that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.
They have been trained to handle any form of threats and intelligently and diligently nipping it at the bud or escalating it by contacting the appropriate authority, as the situation may demand.>> Learn more
::.. Institutional Services
- Industrial Operations (Construction, Factories, Manufacturing, Commercial Buildings, Medical facilities, et cetra)
-Corporate Operations (Oil Servicing/Production, Banks, Insurance, Telecommunication Companies, etc) Domestic/Public Centers
Domestic Operations (Residential homes, Estates, Block of Flats, Primary/Secondary Schools, Shopping Malls, Offices in general et cetra)
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